D.C. Chess League
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the D.C. Chess League?

The D.C. Chess League pits D.C. metropolitan chess teams against each other all throughout the year.  The League is usually divided into four sections:  Open, A, B, and C.  Teams consist of four players (A, B, and C sections) or six players (Open section).  There are two seasons per year: Summer and Winter.

Where are League matches played?

Games are played at the home site of host teams.  Most League games are played at the Arlington Chess Club, but some are also played at the the Big Chair Chess Club, the University of Maryland, and occasionally at the U.S. Chess Center.  Directions to most of these sites can be found here.

When are matches played?

Matches are played usually once per month, on Friday nights, at the location of the home site.  In one match, each team player plays a single game against an opponent.  The Winter season runs from October through May; the Summer season runs from June through September.

I don't have a team, but am interested in playing.  Can I join anyways?  How can I find a team to play on?

You can contact Kyle, who can get you in touch with captains in search of players.  (You can also fill out this easy online form to contact Terry.)  Once you are given some team captain contacts, let some of the captains know that you're willing to play, and check whether they have any available spots on their teams.

I have a team of players lined up.  How do I sign up?

Click on the Enter Your Team for the Season link and fill out the appropriate fields and submit the form. This will send an e-mail to the Executive Director indicating that you'd like to field a team for the upcoming season.

What does it cost to play in the League?

Since games are rated by the U.S. Chess Federation, all players need to be current members of the USCF.  The entry fee is $36 for joining the Open section, and $24 for all other sections.

What sections are there?  How should I decide which section to enter?

There are usually four sections:  The Open section, the A section, the B section, and the C section.  There are no limits on ratings for players in the Open section.  As for the Amateur and Reserve leagues, all players must have USCF ratings below 2000 and 1700, respectively.  An exception to this rule is that teams from the Amateur and Reserve leagues can have a top player with a rating below 2100 and 1800, respectively.

What is the time control for League games?

The time control is 30/90, and then SD/60.  That is, you have 90 minutes to make your first 30 moves, and then once you make that time control, you have 60 more minutes to complete the game.