D.C. Chess League Match Report Form

Use this online form to submit DCCL match results to the League.  Or, if you prefer, you can e-mail results to Kyle; please include the same information.  (For matches with more than 6 games, please mail or e-mail match results, of course.)

Remember, for matches, the Away Team gets White on odd numbered boards.  All players must be current USCF members when they play in a D.C.C.L. match.  The time control on all boards is: 30 moves/90 minutes, then sudden death in 1 hour after that.

Please submit match results by the Monday following the match.

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* If for some reason you cannot provide a valid 8-digit USCF ID, please enter either of the following:
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Make sure that each player is a current USCF member; ineligible players will forfeit their game result for purposes of team score. Be sure to indicate whether each game result is a forfeit or not.
(For a forfeit, choose "0F–1F" or "1F–0F" from the pull-down menu.)